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If you have not been to Belgrade, this city will surprise you. European metropolis in the heart of the Balkans, Belgrade is proudly standing between two different worlds, East and West, never being one nor the other, with its unique mixture of the both. It is said that Belgrade is Berlin of the Balkans, a city with the energy of New York, urban capital of cool. Also known as the most perspective city in Europe, Belgrade is a hip dynamic city which embraces visitors from all around the world.

City Tours

City of Culture, Inspiration, Sports and Festivals, Serbian capital is an exciting mixture of rich and diverse history, architecture and urban spirit. With some of the most attractive locations, Belgrade Fortress – the oldest cultural and historical monument, Skadarlija –bohemian quarter in the city center, Knez Mihailova Street; Old and New Palace, Federal Parliament, Temple of St. Sava, Zemun and many others, Belgrade makes the cultural center of South East Europe. Eclectic in the architecture testifies about its rich historical heritage which can be seen on every step, while diverse event calendar makes Serbian Capital a true metropolis in this part of Europe. Central city area reveals some of the most recognizable attractions: from the Republic Square, along the Knez Mihailova Street to the Belgrade Fortress, where the viewpoint to the Confluence of Danube and Sava will take your breath away. Magnificent Temple of Saint Sava dominates at the sophisticated area of Vracar, Dorcol is known for true local experience, while Savamala represents an urban quart and hub for contemporary arts and design. Crossing the bridge over Sava, one enters a completely different world of New Belgrade and Zemun. The Republic Square is literally the epicenter of the city, being surrounded by the National Theatre and National Museum, but it is best known for the statue of Prince Mihailo on the horse, which is the most popular meeting place of Belgradians. Knez Mihailova Street is the pedestrian area that unifies the beautiful architecture, and leads towards the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan Park, while on the other way leads to Terazije, and famous Terazijska česma, drinking fountain in front of the Hotel Moskva, which is a great lookout point to the Sava river valley. The Belgrade Fortress and the Kalemegdan Park together represent a cultural monument of exceptional importance and an open-air museum of Belgrade history. The fortress overlooks the confluence of the Sava river into the Danube and that very spot, next to the statue Pobednik (The Victor), is probably the most beautiful lookout in Belgrade. Belgrade is also the starting point for exploration of some of Serbia’s beautiful monasteries, wineries, farmhouse restaurants, etno villages, spas, wildlife reserves, natural beauty, and archaeological sites.

Top 10

Explore Top 10 To Do things in Belgrade and explore the city by yourself. Get lost and wander around the streets, among the locals whereas if you wish to find your way back they will be more than welcome to show you around and mesmerize you with stories hidden behind the passengers' eyes.


While there are a lot of interesting museums that Belgrade makes the city of culture, as well, such are: Military Museum, Museum of Automobiles, Ethnographical Museum, Museum of African art, Museum of Ivo Andric, Museum of Vuk and Dositej, Historical Museum and many others, here is the list of five that you shouldn't miss.


Belgrade is known as the City of Events. Its rich and diverse event calendar constantly invites citizens and guests from all over Europe and World to experience vibrant and live energy of Belgrade. Some of the events have a tradition several decades long, and every year there are many new and interesting lighting up the atmosphere of the city. The exciting nightlife of Belgrade is gaining momentum. Recently, Belgrade was named ‘the new capital of cool’, thanks to its nightlife in all its diversity. The music scene here will feed your music hunger no matter whether you’re into jazz, electronic beats, rock ’n’ roll or indie pop/rock.

Do & See

Belgrade has an abundance of cultural attractions and a wide range of events that draw visitors from across Europe. Enjoy the view from the Belgrade Fortress; walk down Knez Mihailova or Skadarska street; indulge your senses in one of our national restaurants with domestic dishes, wines and music that will undoubtedly make you dance; visit some of the bars, night & disco clubs where the entertainment lasts till dawn and just when you start feeling like you want to lie down, smell of fresh coffee will invite you back. Enjoy the rivers, parks, museums, theatres…and make sure to schedule your visit around some of many events in Belgrade.


The cuisine in Belgrade is a rich mosaic of influences and cultures as the city itself - an exciting mixture of Mediterranean, Austrian, Turkish, Hungarian.. Some of the best restaurants can be found in Skadarlija, Belgrade’s Bohemian quarter. Expect to find meat of all kinds and in all variations in abundance on the menus – this is not a city for vegetarians – ranging from Serbian sausages and smoked meets to veal, lamb and spit-roasts, accompanied by onions, red peppers and sauerkraut. Because of its location by two mighty rivers, fish is big in the local cuisine – one of the best ways of enjoying the locally caught carp, perch and catfish being by visiting one of Belgrade’s many floating restaurants on Danube and Sava.


The custom of drinking coffee in Serbia can be compared to tea time in England. The importance of coffee culture can be reflected in the fact that most of the population can’t imagine the beginning of the day waking up without having their first thought on the smell of fresh coffee early in the morning.

Bars & Nightlife

The new era of nightlife is on in Belgrade. Its logic is forever twisted into a crazy loop of partying, so do not miss top parties, extraordinary atmosphere, urban clubbers. Everything usually starts after midnight until the Sunrise on Belgrade Sava river.


Shopping is part of everyday life for many Belgraders, and a frequent and favorite activity. The combination of famous international brands and varied and imaginative local products and hand-crafted items, favorable prices and a large selection are the reason why visitors to Belgrade leave with an extra suitcase. From souvenirs to clothes by our young creators, make your selection among the authentic gifts to remember the city by. City Center, along Knez Mihailova Street, is the best for shopping. The City Passage shopping centre in Obilicev Venac 18-20 is a must, as is the New Millenium shopping mall in Spasicev Prolaz. Another famous shopping area is the Terazije-Kralja Milana-Slavija stretch, where you will find an abundance of shops as well as the Cumicevo Sokace shopping centre. For an amazing mix of all kinds of goods, head to Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra, Belgrade’s longest street, while for a truly exclusive shopping experience, visit the Sava Centar in Milentija Popovica 9 in the Novi Beograd part of town.