Cruise Mission Jamaica 2024

Let's Go Touch Some Lives!!! February 18 - February 24, 2024
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Hello friends, it is time for the next cruise mission to Jamaica. Yes!

As with all cruise missions, we will aim to brighten the day of some students from a local school on the island nation of Jamaica.

The Mission

Our plan is to sponsor an outing for at least 30 students, bringing them from their school to the Blue Waters Beach Club in Falmouth. This mission will offer a memorable opportunity to students, that most parents in Jamaica are unable to afford their children. In Falmouth, the mission team will spend time with the students - sharing some "goodies" in backpacks, engaging them in conversations, getting them to share, answering their questions and having fun at the beach. The students will enjoy lunch, sponsored by the cruise mission, before returning home.

Are you ready?

For this trip, we will sail aboard the relatively new, huge and spectacular vessel - Symphony of the Seas.

Petes Travel Center's Responsibilities

1. Provide each participant with a backpack for a student.
2. Pay admission for the students and teachers to enter Blue Waters Beach Club.
3. Provide lunch for the students and teachers.
4. Cover half of the transportation cost to transfer the students and teachers from their school to Falmouth.

Each Participant's Responsibilities

1. Add five (5) items (Bible, toothpaste, toothbrushes, 3-bar pack bath soap and chocolate) to a backpack, along with US$20 in an envelope.
2. Provide US$25 to help cover transportation cost for both the participant and the students to the beach club.
3. Bring along US$15 for admission to the beach club.

Are you ready?

The cruise fares and payment schedule are listed below. Note that the fares are based on double occupancy only. For a family of three or more members, your cabin will be booked and added to the group.

Current Available Cabins Being Held
1. Interior Cabins (14)
2. Oceanview Cabins (6)

Note: Cruise fares are higher than in 2019. Consequently, it is better to book the less expensive "Interior" cabin. Cabins with solo or more than two travelers must be booked separately at prevailing rates and pulled into the group. Sadly, those rates are crazy.

If you have more than two members in your family, it is less expensive to book two cabins within the group than one cabin for three (3) or four (4) people outside the group.

If you have three members in your party, find a fourth person and reserve two cabins in the group. If you have four people, reserve two cabins in the group.

Balcony cabins are not being held at a group rate. The prices for balcony cabins below are based on a nonrefundable deposit of $250 per-person. The cost for a refundable fare on the balcony cabins is much higher.

Please text me (678-772-7077) any questions you may have, before you make your reservation.

I am excited about our next Cruise Mission Jamaica and hope that you are too. Please share this information with anyone who may be interested. I look forward to working with you as you book your cruise, and serving with you to brighten the day of some students in Jamaica next February.

Thank you for your generous support!


As of 10/21, Group Rates Are No Longer Available.
Best available rates are shown below. Each has a nonrefundable deposit of $250/person.
All rates are subject to change.


Date Location Arrive Depart
2/18/2024 Ft. Lauderdale Port --- 4:30 PM
2/19/2024 Day at Sea --- ---
2/20/2024 Labadee, Haiti 7:00 AM 4:00 PM
2/21/2024 Falmouth, Jamaica 9:30 AM 6:00 PM
2/22/2024 Day at Sea --- ---
2/23/2024 Nassau, Bahamas 8:00 AM 5:00 PM
2/24/2024 Ft. Lauderdale Port 7:00 AM ---

Per Person Pricing

(Based on double occupancy)
Accommodation Category Type Per Person
Interior Cabin - Guaranteed Double $1146.00
Interior Cabin - 4V Double $1481.00
Oceanview Cabin - Guaranteed Double $1326.00
Oceanview Cabin - 4N Double $1564.00

Additional Services

Item Price
Travel Protection Request a Quote
Pre-Hotel Request a Quote
Help Booking Air Request a Quote

Deposit Requirements

$250/person upon booking.

Final Payment - 11/17/23

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