Sharon’s Dubai Adventure

Wonderful World of Dubai May 05 - May 13, 2023
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You have heard the stories and now it's time to see Dubai for yourself. Join me as we explore the wonderful world of Dubai together.

Below you will find rates for double occupancy, flying from different gateways. The rates include your flight, stay at the beautiful Hilton Dubai, travel protection and breakfast. (Note that these rates are not fixed and prices are expected to fluctuate.)

Look for your departure city and select your rate. Follow the prompts to submit your reservation. After paying your deposit, you will be able to make payments monthly or otherwise until the final payment date. If you have any questions, contact Peter.

Are you ready? See you in Dubai!

Sharon Bryan-Grant


Date Location Arrive Depart
5/05/23 Depart US --- Evening
5/06/23 Traveling/Arrival 11 PM ---
5/07/23 City Tour TBD TBD
5/08/23 Desert Excursion TBD TBD
5/09/23 Evening Cruise TBD TBD
5/10/23 Relaxation TBD TBD
5/11/23 Excursion TBD TBD
5/12/23 Excursion TBD TBD
5/13/23 Head Home --- 12:55 AM

Per Person Pricing

(Based on double occupancy)
Accommodation Category Type Per Person
Hilton Dubai - Twin Room w/Breakfast - Atlanta Double $1820 - $1920
Hilton Dubai - Twin Room w/Breakfast - Melbourne Double $2150 - $2250
Hilton Dubai - Twin Room w/Breakfast - New York Double $1520 - $1620

Deposit Requirements

$375/p - Upon booking

Final Payment - 4/04/23

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